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Artist Statement

The process of creating is the main subject in my work where materiality and the experimental play a prominent role. Circles are a reoccurring motif that symbolizes and fulfills a sense of wholeness and unity in myself and in world. Working in the abstract, I construct layers for depth and patterns to represent my desire to harness the complex.


Rather than use typical drawing instruments, I resource found imagery, selected papers, and threads for heavily textured surfaces that define my imagery. I then arrange and push those elements until they make sense to me in the languages of collage, mixed media, and printmaking.  


I draw from the powerful improvisation of the Modernists and the emotion of the Abstract Expressionists: Paul Klee for his fanciful shapes and color theory, Robert Motherwell for his rectangular forms and collages, Lee Krasner for her gestural painting, and Lee Bontecou for her rich organic constructions. 


Often, I am surprised by the expressiveness and exuberance that bursts forth in my work, and I want to share this moment of delight with others.

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